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Long-Term Care Solutions for NRECA Cooperative Family

As seen in the October 2003 issue of RE: Rural Electric Magazine

As an associate member of the NRECA, Cooperative Care Planning Service's mission is to provide a national network of community-based, long-term care professionals to educate, counsel, and serve the directors, employees, retirees, and members of electric cooperatives concerning the issues and misconceptions surrounding Long-Term health care. This mission has and will continue to be fulfilled with great enthusiasm by our representatives who passionately incorporated into their professional guidance "the power of human connection."

One example of how positive this program can be is the Raymond Woodle story. Mr. Woodle was chairman of the Marlboro Electric Cooperative board in Bennettsville, South Carolina when suddenly last year he needed assistance with "long term" care. Neither Mr. Woodle nor his wife Daphne wanted him to go into a nursing home. Unfortunately, Ms. Woodle could not take care of him, as well as their home and yard. Fortunately, Mr. Woodle had met with Tony Malcom, Regional Director with Cooperative Care Planning Services, two years earlier and was insured against this risk. Ms. Woodle describes this insurance coverage as "a gift from God." She went on to say, "We received the report from the doctor and just days later, the insurance money started coming in." The money allowed Ms. Woodle to hire professional help to care for her husband at home. In addition to providing quality care for Mr. Woodle, it helped them protect their assets. When asked what she would say to any co-op member who was thinking about long-term care insurance she replied, "It would be unwise not to get it."

Planning Ahead

Ms. Beasley was a long-time employee in accounting with South River Electric EMC, located in Dunn, North Carolina. In her mid-50's and thinking ahead to retirement, Ms. Beasley knew that retirement was a concern. Little did she know that three months after taking out her LTC coverage she would be faced with using its benefits.

Early in 2001, Ms. Beasley was involved in a major car accident that left her severely injured. Her hospital stay and rehabilitative care exhausted her 90 day Skilled Care limits through her major medical health care coverage and left her with little financial options for further recovery. Fortunately for Ms. Beasley, she could rely on her long-term care policy she had taken out just months before through Cooperative Care Planning Services to aid her in her recovery process. "Every person, no matter what their age, should seriously consider long term care coverage because you never know when your life could be altered", explained Beasley. She went on to say, " I am very thankful that South River Electric introduced this program to its employees." Beasley's coverage gave her the necessary funding to bring care into her home. This care was provided by someone she knew and trusted. It was the care that Ms. Beasley needed in order to put her life back in order. Having this type of coverage provided Ms. Beasley with the ability to dodge a huge financial nightmare while at the same time it provided her with the ability to have the type of care that was right for her. "Freddie Beasley's story certainly reminds us all that long-term care is not just something for the old folks" said Lynn Tew, Manager of Administrative Services for South River EMC. "It is a message that everyone needs to heed, especially when planning ahead for retirement. It is a message that I am proud we can take to our membership, to maybe make a big difference in someone's life," explained Tew.

For additional information on how this significant program can benefit your cooperative, please contact Cooperative Care Planning Services toll free at (877) 395-2654.

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